The news of the day as seen from the perspective of a pensionable domestic moggy called Fluffy.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

One year old!

My ill-health has meant that an important landmark, the first anniversary of this here noble blog, has passed without comment.

I'd like to thank all my readers for their tireless devotion to my site, the contributions, the pictures, the general 'buzz'. It does an old cat good to know that she is not alone in this world. God knows, the two fatties I live don't pay me the boundless attention I so obviously deserve.

OK, this speech is starting to sound bitter. Somebody turn off the mike and lead me away gently...


I've been off my food for a few weeks, hence the lack of blog-based action. Frankly, if I'm not talking to God on the Big White Telephone, I've got a dose of the Chelsea Buns.

You'd have thought they'd get the drift about my diet, but for days they've just left the same old crap in the bowl. Then, miraculously, succulent, gorgeous chicken breast. Shluurrrp! Scoffed the lot. No involuntary sickness, no spontaneous poos.

Then, tonight, what do I get in the bowl? Brown, boring crunchies. HELLO?