The news of the day as seen from the perspective of a pensionable domestic moggy called Fluffy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Popular demand

Apparently, there have been complaints. 'Oh, Fluffy, why haven't you updated your blog?' they cry. Well, the main reason is that I'm an elderly cat (or a 'cat of age' as the PC crowd would no doubt say). I've gotta lotta sleepin' to do, and not enough time to do it. There's your fully fledged kip, to be enjoyed on a nice armchair overnight. There's snoozing to be done in the afternoon when it's really far too warm for a cat to be running round, especially a cat as fluffy as me. And then there are naps, which can be scattered around at any point during the day, and pretty much fill in the periods between kips and snoozes.

It's a wonder I find enough time to climb on furniture, wail at the chubby people I share this house with, and eat.